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When did the first ship leave India for Trinidad?

When did the first ship leave India for Trinidad?

February 16, 1845: The Fatel Razack Leaves India for Trinidad

176 years ago

On February 16, 1845, the Fatel Razack left Calcutta, India with the first set of Indian indentured servants bound for Trinidad.

The ship was originally named “Cecrops,” and built for an Indian trader named Bin Yussef. The ship’s name was later changed and there have been various spellings of the Fatel Razack. The ship’s manifest and register notes “Futtle Rozack.” The name translates to “Victory of Allah the Provider.”

Approximately 225 Indian passengers spent 103 days at sea crossing 14,000 miles. The estimates are that between 3-6 people died on the journey.

The Fatel Razack landed in the Gulf of Paria on May 30, 1845.

Dookie Meah was one of the Fatel Razack’s passengers. His name is listed as number 4 on the ship’s register. He went on to work at the Exchange Estate in Couva. He also founded Trinidad’s first mosque.

The indentureship period lasted from 1845 to 1917. 147,000 Indians (mainly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar) would eventually become indentured servants in Trinidad.

176 years ago, a ship carrying Indian indentured servants would forever change the population of Trinidad and the greater Caribbean.


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