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The Importance of Miami

Miami, the seventh largest city in the United States, is a major center for many industries. Originally, Spain and Britain claimed the area until it was ceded to the United States in 1821. The Tequestra and Seminole tribes occupied Miami, until the former migrated to Cuba, and the latter was forcefully removed during the Second Seminole War. Despite its gory beginnings, Miami’s founding is notable because it is the only major U.S. city that was founded by a woman (Julia Tuttle). The name comes from the Miami River, and one of the names for Lake Okeechobee and its surrounding Natives. Bahamians and African-Americans are credited with providing vital labor during early building projects.

Miami is important internationally, nationally, and locally.

Internationally, Miami has been appealing for commerce. Illegal commerce (the drug trade) dominated Miami in the 1980s. Cartels and Pablo Escobar were peddling cocaine, running from police, committing murders, and buying lavish real estate. Miami’s centralized location fostered the growing drug trade. Interestingly, too, Miami was also a site where people in Witness Protection found refuge. For example, Tommaso Buscetta, an Italian mobster turned informant, lived in North Miami for the remainder of his life after he provided key information used to prosecute the mafia.

Nationally, Miami was also ranked as the 3rd richest city in the country. Downtown Miami includes major national banks and businesses. Port Miami is the busiest cruise port and Miami ranks second in tourism, after New York City. Historically, the prime military bases in Miami contributed to population increases. Its proximity to South America facilitates profitable businesses in the areas of television production, banking, finance, law, and real estate.

Locally, Miami is important to its own. Its vast opportunities allow for social mobility. Trick Daddy and Trina are famous rappers from North Miami. There are also scores of other celebrities and noteworthy Miami locals. Contemporary movements in Miami, by its locals, are also allowing for more social justice. The city was infamously policed by members of the KKK, and now, thankfully, the city is leading some of the largest civil rights actions against discrimination.

Key institutions, like schools and courts, are therefore encouraged to evolve with aims of diversity and inclusion for the greater good of Miami.


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