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$500 million Marriott Hotel Coming to Tobago

Several reports came out this week indicating that a Marriott hotel would be coming to Rocky Point, Tobago.

Superior Hotels Limited signed a $500 million contract to construct the Marriott hotel. No government funding will be provided and it is set to be completed in 2025. There will be about 750 jobs during construction and over 200 once the hotel is complete.

Hilton was previously interested in the site but abandoned interest in the project.

This quote from President Eric Williams should serve as a warning: “Trinidad and Tobago attracted metropolitan attention only. . .when the discovery of oil made it an object of interest and . . .useful pawn” to British capitalism.

Trinidad’s oil industry initially started with American dominance and British rule. Once free, Trinidad’s economy boomed when it controlled its own industry. On the other hand, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran are still reeling from American and European interference as a means to control the oil in the Middle East.

Investors, including large hotel chains, have been prospecting for lucrative opportunities. In addition, Caribbean businesses throughout the West Indies and United States could see an increase in value by virtue of their proximity and insight of Caribbean culture and economy including roti shops, promoters, DJs, tour guides, and social media businesses.

Therefore, both businesses in the Caribbean and businesses owned by Caribbeans/Caribbean descendants are now encouraged to solidify their legal rights in order to protect the value of their business in the future with written contracts and registered trademarks.

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